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We  have been offering cleaning services in London for over 5 years and we have had many satisfied customers. We do our utmost to offer our customers an affordable price while still giving them the quality of service that we feel they deserve.

We believe we can offer an efficient and reliable service and will at all times work to please our clients, giving them a level of service, that is second to none. We guarantee to find a cost effective solution to any cleaning problem.

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Our services


It is not only about comfort. Cleanliness and clean windows are the business card of your company and often affect customer perception and reception.


No job is too small for us. Flats, single-family houses and residences - we are where you need us. We also specialize in cleaning windows with difficult access.


Cleaned and patched gutters eliminate rainwater dripping on the facade, and thus the formation of stains on the walls. Clean gutters also prevent the formation of moisture inside the building.


Skylights bring a lot of natural light and a bigger sense of space to our home. Over time, though, they can become cloudy and won't let in as much light. Ignorance of cleaning rules will irreversibly damage the materials used in just about every skylight.


Fascias & Soffit

Facades and soffits naturally accumulate dirt. It is important to clean them regularly, usually together with gutters. Dirt can stick into the plastic, destroy the material and discolor it. Proper care and maintenance will allow them to last longer.


The purchase and installation of a conservatory is a large financial investment. It is therefore clear to keep it clean. This task is difficult and inconvenient. It is definately worth employing specialists for this purpose.

Other services

• garden care • repairs • painting walls and ceilings • and many others Contact us and check what we can do for you.

Solar panels

Cleaning solar panels is important not only for their protection, but also for efficiency. The more light falls on the panel, the more power it will generate. The angle of inclination of the panels makes them more susceptible to dust and dirt. This means the need for regular care.


Why you should take care of your windows?


No, it's not just aesthetics (of course, it is also very important), but above all window care and extending their life. Neglected components start to wear out quickly, even if we think they do not require frequent maintenance. This is how it is with windows. If dirt stays on the glass and carpentry for many months, it will be destructive. Therefore, it is better to prevent additional costs of repair or - worse - replacement and focus on regularity. As for the inner part of the windows, it is best to clean every 4-5 weeks. For the outer part, it can be once for 3-4 months.


Window cleaning is one, but it is equally important to take care for window frames itself, which begins to wear outover time. However, this can be avoided by using appropriate preservatives that should be used regularly. This is very important because the windows are constantly exposed to many weather conditions, variable temperatures or - as in summer - to considerable sunlight. In addition, we often ventilate flats, so we open and close windows. Frequent use causes damage and loss of tightness, without forgetting about aesthetics.


Better appearance, protection against damage and ... greater transparency. It is the third advantage that is mentioned as another argument for regular window cleaning. Clean windows give more light immediately. The room becomes optically larger, so the pleasure of spending time in the living room definitely increases. We bring summer refreshment into the house. Clean windows are especially appreciated in intense sunlight. Interestingly, dirty windows immediately take away even ... 40% of sunlight, which significantly affects our well-being.

Let’s take care of the mood, take care of the windows!​

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